Fully Custom Order Process

If you are considering placing a custom order with us, you will need to go through the following process:


Step 1 - Send your Request

Send us a message on social media or an email explaining exactly what you want. Ideally, you should already know things such as the number of jerseys you are trying to have us produce, if you need a custom design or not, if you will be going for a Basic or a Pro jersey etc.

Step 2 - Define Price & Send Payment

After talking with you and clearly establishing your needs, we will send you an invoice for your order, which will include the cost of the jerseys, design fees (if applicable), as well as shipping fees. You will have to pay this invoice before we move forward with design and/or production.

Step 3 - Jersey Design - 2 to 14 days

If you choose to have us create a custom design for you and/or your team(s), this is where it takes place. One of our designers will be assigned to your project and will get in touch with you. From there on, he will determine what kind of style and look you want for your design based on reference images that you will provide him. Our designers will then create a bunch of designs based on your guidelines and reference images, and will propose you the best ones from all. From there you get to pick the designs you like most, and can ask for up to 3 rounds of modifications on the design you choose free of charge (more changes can be made at an additional cost).

Step 4 - Design Review & Approval - 1 to 3 days

Once your jersey design has been finalized, our designer will use the final order list (which you will have to complete) in order to create all the individual files (with each player's name and number). Our designer will then send you a review file with all the designs listed on your order as they will be printed. You have to go through this file very carefully in order to look for any spelling mistakes, missing logos, colours that seem off etc. If anything is wrong, this is your last opportunity to report it to your assigned designed so that he fixes whatever mistake there might be. If everything one the file is as it should be, give your approval to your assigned designer and he will send your order to production!

Step 5 - Production - 14 to 21 Days

Our production partners will take over at this step. All you have to do from there on is sit and wait.

Step 6 - Quality Control - Less than 24 hours

Once your order is out of production, our production partners will go through each jersey before packing it to make sure the sizing is right, that there aren't any stitching defects etc...

Step 7 - Shipping - 3 to 14 days

Once your order has passed Quality Control, it will be packed and shipped by our production partners. Tracking information for your order will be emailed to you as soon as your order will be shipped.